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Portovenere vacation rentals
Golfo dei Poeti

Portovenere, a jewel of the Riviera overlooking the Gulf of La Spezia, romantically called the Gulf of Poets, is nicknamed the “sixth” town of the Cinque Terre, offering what its more famous counterparts are known for: splendid seaside scenery, scenic coasts and paths and rustic cuisine. Ligurian. The beautiful city has hosted the likes of Steven Spielberg, Apple’s Tim Cook, Patti Smith and Andrea Bocelli.

The historic sites of Portovenere and the main shopping street, Via Capellini, welcome many visitors especially during peak weeks. However, on the most cautious days, you can breathe a quiet atmosphere.

The destination is considered by tourists as a base from which to explore the nearby Cinque Terre, unaware of encountering a special and fascinating destination. Like the Cinque Terre, Portovenere has been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

A hidden gem near the Cinque Terre, positioned in the Gulf of Poets, which gives off a wonderful calm and charming aura. A UNESCO heritage area to explore.

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